my boys

(picture by Ashley Madsen)


starting over

Last time I blogged was a year ago. Instead of feeling overwhelmed about catching up I thought i’d start fresh. A year ago we were living at my parents and there were definitely perks but I will take our own space over any of them. We are living in an apartment near the twin’s preschool and Bastien is in 1st grade at Falcon Hill Elementary. It is sort of a pain because I am dropping off B at 7:30, the twins at noon. picking up B at 2:15, then the twins at 3pm and so I am making Finnick last until 3:30 for his nap. and he is a nightmare by that time! The good thing is even though he takes a late nap. I can still get away with putting him to bed around 8:30. Next year the twins will be in Kindergarten. I am only excited for schedule reasons. but its so sad that they will be in school! I will never have them home with me in the mornings:( Most of the time I am feeling a little frazzled because there are a bunch of demands from little people and I forget to stop and remember that they wont be little like this for very long. Bastien is doing so good in school. particularly reading. His teacher showed me this thing called dibels chart. its where they read made up words so they can practice sounding them out instead of memorizing. well the average words per minute were something like 28. and then she showed me what he got and it was 65! WHen we read scriptures (we dont do it enough) he can sound out some pretty big words! His teacher said he has no trouble with making friends, that he is everyones friend and talks allllll the time, but is pretty good about knowing when he shouldnt. 🙂 Bastien is so sweet, he is such a good big brother to Finnick. Finnick adores him. I couldnt get Finnick to say sorry to Jasper & give him a hug. But after Bastien asked him to give Jasper a hug. he gladly walked over to Jasper with him and hugged him.

Steven is working with his friend’s family’s company. He is missing flying. He stopped working at Rotorway Int’l last August and I couldnt have been more relieved. They make expirimental helicopters. Its a company where people can buy kit helicopters. pieces of the ship are shipped to them & its up to them to put it all together and then want instructors like Steven to teach them to fly. So not only was he having to fly a kit helicopter (they did have a schweizer for a while) he was teaching people who werent completely serious about it. just wanted to get a license for fun. and half of his students didnt speak english. Anyways, he is applying to seasonal jobs right now for tours- like the Grand Canyon or Alaska. we are hoping he can get hired this summer so he can get some more hours!

I cant think of anything else. We went on the best vacation last summer. and I never wrote about it. We drove through Utah-Wisconsin to visit our pals, the Berkeys. with some stops at Steven’s sisters in Ogden, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, & Mall of America. It was the funnest trip hands down. Everything went great & the kids did amazing! Maybe I’ll write about it sometime.

My dad has been sick since last summer. he got the flu when i did last June. then went to a wedding in Utah and came home with pneumonia and couldnt get rid of of feeling yucky. the weirdest part was in September his ears getting really swollen & painful and infected. plus a bunch of other stuff like they found out he wasnt producing blood at a normal rate. and he has had to get transfusions every other week ever since. They have done so many tests since September-ish to try and find out whats up. FInally last week they figured out he has a rare disease called “Polychondritis” its some sort of auto immune disease. they say it can also attack cartilage..which explains the ears. The doctor said he will have to get blood transfusions the rest of his life. but to keep positive because she has seen people live with it and do normal things and be okay. The best thing is to just be positive. I feel so sad for him. I’m sure he is glad to finally know , but also knowing its something that he just has to live with would be hard to deal with, im sure. But he did get put on some new medications that have improved how he feels, which is good!

Now quiet time is over & I have to think of dinner. My favorite ecard is “They have to eat dinner every night?” I need to be more prepared for dinner, I’m the worst at preparing for it! It just doesnt sound fun. 🙂 Actually my favorite ecard is “My mom has pinned 245 recipes on pinterest,,,so why the eff am I eating a bologna sandwich??”  Image